Collision Detection

Does someone know how I can do collision detection without loading too much the microprocessor with too many calculation?
I have a map made on a bidimensional array with Triangles…thanx


In our 3D engine “Slug 3D”, we use :

  • A vector for the player position

If the vector is inside the wall (ex. polygone), it’s collision and if not, it’s not collision.

I do my collision detection like this:
firstly, check whether the players current position and the position the player will be at after the movement are on different sides of a polygod/plane. If so, then find the intersection point between the player movement ray/vector and then determine if the point of intersection is inside the poly gon, if it is, then collision has occured. A good tutorial can be found at
its in the development tutorials section heading i think is Basic Collision Detection. Good Luck