Collaborating OpenGL Project and Node.js

Hello Guys.
I have been trying to automate the launching of OpenGL Project using node.js

The task is like whenever new client join in (create a window in browser) I want to launch the .exe file.
.exe file is an OpenGL Project which renders different shapes using openGL and then send’s rendered data to the browser to display Shape on canvas.

I am currently using child process to launch the exe whenever new client join in, but the thing is I am not able to render data in openGL Context whenever I launch exe (OpenGL Project) through the child process of node.js (though I am able to render if I launch exe without child process i.e. Manually).

Here I am not able to conclude things like,

  1. Is it possible to run an openGL Project from node.js child Process, will there be any openGL limitation specifically for node.js ?

Yes, we can do that I was doing the small mistake.
the exe in here was not able to find the shaders since exe was getting launched by node process and it’s current working directory was changed.
After changing that everything was working fine.

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