Code Warrior and Win ME (Oh please, shoot me!)

Hey, i’ll probably get flamed and accused of being blonde, but i’m desperate.

Okay, I have set OpenGL up in codewarrior 5 on a Win95 machine and a Win98 machine w/out any real problem. I try all the same tricks and kicks on a winME and it doesn’t work.

It Compiles! It Links! I get the magical little DOS window and no little openGL window. (the program and project work dandy on my 98 machine). I have links to all the DLLs, libs and headers and the compiler doesn’t fuss and I am in HighColor mode. Where have I gone wrong? Please feel free to flame me, as long as you help me!


Hi !

I have no idea, the best would be if you could peek at the error codes and see if wglCreateContext or something else in the beginning returns an error code.


the thing is there really isn’t an error. I get an executable… It’s just useless. The program works fine on my win95 machine.


Hi !

You said that it compiles and links fine, then you have the source code, just add some code to check for errors or use a debugger.

Look at wglCreateContext() and see what it returns. If it is null, then you can get the error code with errcode = GetLastError()


Solved the problem. Pretty comical actually. Evidently Win ME (or perhaps it was just my wacky machine) hated Nat Robbins precompiled distribution of Glut. It did however like

the pre-compiled version found here. Darn I spent way too much precious time of my existence on this one. Thanks for all the help.

Feeling Blonde,