Code in the post Object and Screen Space Rotation Demo by MaxH

Hi, I’m just getting crazy trying to rotate an object around x,y and z axis. I’d like to do each rotation around fixed axis! But using glrotate after I’ve used a glrotatef(angle,1,0,0) the y and z axis result rotated, and I don’t want that, I want them fixed and unmoveable! I know that quaternions may be the solution to my problem (I’m not sure), but on the internet I found a lot of theory about quaternion (a lot of stuff actually), but I just can’t find a working example on how I actually have to use them. I needed a practical example on how to use them (in C maybe), but I coudn’t find it anywhere. Then, I came across MaxH’s post called “Object and Screen Space Rotation Demo”, and I thought that was the solution to my problems, but then the tragic discovery: the links to the code in that post are all broken. Please MaxH (or someone else who got the code), reupload the code, I desperately need it. Thanks

This is the post i’m talking about

The source code is at -

It doesn’t work, it says “Couldn’t open …/relogin.html”. But I found it now, it’s here:

Good luck.