Clueless but willing to learn

Okay as you can see I am a total noob to this stuff. I have a basic concept of open gl and what it does from my expierence with computer hardware. What I am wanting to learn is how to code/program my own basic video games, even develop my own simple game engine. I have had a class in basic programming and problem solving but what I am looking for here are suggestions on places to learn how to do this stuff hands on out side of a class room. I have a couple of books on C++. Any suggestions would be awesome.

For OpenGL it’s propably best to learn C. C++ is nice, but not really neccesary for basic graphic stuff. Eventually you’ll need it because it’s much easier to develop big applications with an object oriented language, but for starters it’s better to stick with simple things.

Have a look here:

There are a lot of tutorials. Try to write a few demos on your own. Just don’t try to write a 3D shooter or something like that, you’ll only get frustrated.

You can use C++ and just call OpenGL the API is compatible and the headers should have the extern “C” {} enclosure.

Basically learn with either API and it won’t directly affect your use of OpenGL.