I want to make analog clock using opengl For making this I have to visible border and background how can I make this

We will not do your homework for you.

Learn to use a keyboard first, so that your sentence ends with a dot.
Then do some tutorials, such as NeHe (get the GLUT code, at the bottom) :

Please ignore ZbuffeR’s rudeness. He is attempting to break into the top ten posters.

An analog clock is easily accomplished by taping an OpenGL branded Rolex to your monitor at the appropriate screen coordinates. A border can be made with string, or, to be more festive given the season, Twizzlers.

And to misquote ZbuffeR, your second sentence fragment should end with a question mark.

Lol, thanks pudman, for the humorously refreshing post.
You are completely right, now I feel sorry for having been a tad too serious. Especially given the season.

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