Clipping Problems

I’m not sure how to properly describe my problem, but here goes. I was going over one of my past projects, but was annoyed to discover that the balloons that were being rendered were not being displayed in their entirety. Instead, certain portions of the balloons were not rendered, much as if there were an arbitrarily oriented clipping plane that kept on moving. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to the whole process, and while I’m able to worsen the problem by messing around with glDepthFunc(), I’ve been unable to actually improve it.

The wierd part of all this is that other people don’t have the same problem I do. It cannot generally be immediately seen unless you move the camera around, but they say that they can’t see the problem at all. My system runs win2k and has a geforce4. If anyone knows the cause of the problem from my description alone, please let me know what it is. If not, you can go to and see if you have the problem. If you do check, I’d appreciate it if you give your basic system specs and say whether or not you experienced a problem.

I have this problem. Black clipping of the baloons. I’m running W2K sp3, GF4 Ti4600, Detonator 29.42. P4-1.9, with DX 8.1 SDK with some debug libraries should this ever matter.