Client/server trouble

Hi, we are quite new to OpenGL and GLX.
We are using Suse7.0 and RivaTNT (hardware accelerated) on the one and Suse6.4 (software rendering) on the other PC.
We have some trouble running an openGL program over the network. The user on the Suse7.0 Linux starts a program (which reports about information of GLX) on the other Linux (logged in via telnet). Then, it reports that on the client side and on the server side there is Mesa (software rendering) running. When we run it on the Suse7.0 only, it reports that there is the NVidia GLX driver doing hardware acceleration.
The program gets the information via glXGetClientString() and glXQueryServerString().
How does it work?
The one on the 7.0 linux does not have the software renderer installed - only the NVidia driver.

It’s me again.
I have some additional information.
When I (with the hw acclerated machine) log in on the software rendering machine via telnet, set the display to mine and run glxdpyinfo, it says that I am running Mesa from Brian Paul (not NVidia). Any other demo programs like gears are running, but very slow (definetivly no hw acceleration). The other way, when the user on the software machine with suse 6.4 logs in on my machine, he cannot run any opengl programs (xterm i.e. runs fine).
We are too stupid, please help!

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