CIE Chromaticity Diagram

Hi there all. This is my first post on this forum and I want to ask a few questions about CIE Chromaticity Diagram (picture: ). I’m very interested in CIE chromaticity diagram and I want to draw it by code in my program. I’m actually only beginner to computer graphics and I’m reading some web articles about GDI, and some other internet articles I found when making my styding tasks. Now I’m reading chapter 12 of Computer Graphics Using OpenGL by Francis Hill about color schemes. At the end of the chapter author gives a task to draw a CIE chromacity diagram by code in your program. Still I have a trouble of understanding how to draw CIE diagram, I can’t find any source code or articles explaining how to draw it in internet.

So the question: what I need to know to be able to draw it? What do I mean:

Firstly, CIE CD is actually a projection from x + y + z = 1 plane to Z0Y plane, so have I know how to make a projection from a 3D plane to 2D plane?

Secondly, have I know how to do affine transformation in 3D plane? (I have affine transformations knowledge only in 2D)

Thirdly, it is obvious I have to have a knowledge of other color schemes, because I can get them from CIE chromaticity diagram.

Please answer my questions and if possible please provide examples of how to make thing I’m asking for. And please do not leave your code unexplained of what you are doing, because I want to understand the code of yours, want to understand the math behind it. I’m only styding and I don’t want to get into OpenGl without some general understanding of how to make thing OpenGl does using PutPixel, LineTo finctions, ect. Please help me to draw CIE chromacity diagram and I will write a tutorial explaining how to do it to be placed in code project site. Thank you!