Chrome map in OpenGL

Anybody know how to make a chrome effect without cube map in OpenGL like in DirectX? Spherical map doesn’t look like in DX

the DX sphereical mapping ( that is from dx9 i think ) should be the same as sphericalmapping in opengl… before that dx often used the normal as a pointer to a map, thats nothing like reflection at all.

By Richard Rosenman. Spherical maps look much better when I applied this plugin to my image. Before that I was using spherize from Photshop.

No,no in DX there is a “chrome” map, not “spherical”. And enough to load image without fisheye effect, and chrome effect on sphere if realy chrome, but spherical in OpenGL is only flat sprite in circle

Why do you want to do it without cube maps?

I’m sure every video card that supports dx chrome maps also supports gl cube maps…

I am pretty certain D3D only suppots sphere-maps and cube maps. (for environment mapping)

However, I think it may have a helper function to generate a sphere map from a standard 2D map in D3D extensions. (Perhaps this is what you were thinking of?)

But besides that, you will have to provide more information as I have never heard of “chrome” maps before.

I did find this example on the web:
But all that does is manually assign texture coordinates when the camera moves. (See ApplySphereMapToObject) This is obviously not internal to the API an can easily be done in OpenGL.

Other references to chrome I found on the web are essentially 2 texture stages with 1 diffuse + 1 sphere map with the allpha of the diffuse indicating the amount that the sphere map is applied. (ie how they are blended together)

Could either of the above be what you were thinking of?

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