ChoosePixelFormat produces First Chance Exceptions

I’ve read quite a bit about how Win 95 and 98 will produce this error, and how it’s completely benign. However I am experiencing the same situation after upgrading to Windows ME, and the problem will stop the execution of the program (completely ‘malignant’). not only that, but this problem seems to be completly sporatic and unpredictible - I experience it 4/5 times of run the program. I have found absolutely no help after scouring the internet and OpenGl books for days… please help if you can.

Are you sure you initialized the dwSize member correctly in the pixelformat structure?

I’ve defined the size as normal - ‘sizeof(PIXELFORMATDISCRIPTOR)’

I think you are experiencing a different exception, the benign exception occurs randomly (seemingly), and when it does occur, it occurs every time the frame buffer is swapped.

Sounds exactly, in every detail and all aspects like a microsoft windows problem!

I think I had some problem like that some time ago. I rewrote the whole subsystem, and it worked again…