chm file

I am considering making a chm file for GL and some of us want one too right?

It’s not difficult once you get the hang of the HTML workshop but the problem lies in editing.

had contacted the sdk guys regarding the ref pages they have on the ogl website, and they said they would make a downloadable version one day…

Do very much want. I’ll help if you guys actually start this.

Well, if they will be making one, there is no need.
Personally, I prefer the MSDN style of what the function does in general, return codes, error codes.

Right now, I don’t know if I will pursue this.

In the ref pages, some code snippets might be nice, just demonstrating typical use cases and such.

There seemed to be a pattern of that emerging in some of the specs of late, but as far as I know there’s no spec for code snippets in the spec :wink:

Just get on with some graphics programming, vman. Take my advice, don’t waste your time doing this kind of trash.

A chm is no more than an offline website contained in a single file. I’ve created a bunch before. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an chm version of the OpenGL manual before but I think it was outdated.

The chm search isn’t as good as Google either.