Check my demo : realtime hatching


I’m proud to present you my first attempt to make a realtime hatching rendering, you can find my demo here : . Of course any advices, or comments are welcome!


PS : tell me if it runs on ATI based card, please.

Works just fine on my 9700.

Ohhh sooo kewl

AMD Athalon 1900+ @ 1.6Ghz / Asus A7V266-E / 266Mhs FSB / DDR 512Mb RAM / GeForce3 Ti500 full tweaks …

FRAPS reports 308 FPS average … nice

Crashes with Radeon 8500 :stuck_out_tongue:

crashes on my GF3

Are you sure you’re properly checking for extensions? I was able to get it running, although very slow (probably software), by changing to another driver.

Just upgraded to Catalyst 2.3 on my R8500 W2K system. glGetString(GL_VERSION) returns 1.3.3302
The demo is said to require OpenGL 1.4
So obviously it crashes (well, Arath, you could check at least for GL version and display a nice Dialog Box instead of throwing a null pointer exception )

I am sorry that the demo crashes, to answer you, my engine checks openGL extension then stop the program if there is one missing via an assert (of course it doesn’t in release, that’s why the demo crashes on some hardware). I uploaded a new version that throw a messagebox to warn you, and save the error in log file. I explain that the demo requires extensions gl_arb_vertex_program , 3d texture, gl_arb_texure_combine, so you must have last driver to run it (for nvidia stuff at least the 40.41). Again, I am sorry for my demo crashing without a message, I just love assert and forgot to stop program from running in release mode. By the way, if you haven’t a openGL 1.4 card, here is a big screenshot (but the lights doesn’t move here of course :wink: :


Ok, that clears things up a little bit. ARB_vertex_program is not supported, that’s why it doesnt work; too bad… Screenshots look great though
BTW, the messagebox shows correctly (even though I cant click on the OK button because you hide the cursor (using ‘Enter’ key works fine)) but after I close it, the program still crashes (ok, error handling is not the interesting part when coding a demo ) Anyway, at least it doesn’t crash the whole system, thats a good point . I look forward to getting newer drivers/hardware/(both) to get vp and fp running (Humus, you got beta drivers that has vp support?)

Originally posted by kehziah:
Humus, you got beta drivers that has vp support?


How do i fix this error?

> error when compilating vertex program ‘vp\TAM-3dtex-1dir.vp’ at character 1064
'al = vertex.normal;
’ : Error on line 49: unrecognised instruction (hint: ‘ENDXG”áwo4Bc÷÷á’)

-Never mind, i Updated my drivers and the program works perfectly on my 9700
FPS : 120.536585

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