Characterheight of outline-fonts

I want to animate my outline fonts (rotate them). To make it look good i have to rotate them around their center.
My problem is, that i cannot find out the height of the characters. I can get the length of a text through the GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT struct, which wglUseFontOutlines fills with data.
The “gmfCellIncX” variable holds the width of each character, but “gmfCellIncY” is always zero instead of giving the height.

So, can anyone tell me how to get the height?


gmfCellIncX and gmfCellIncY only give the position of the next character. If gmfCellIncY would not be 0, the next character would be printed on an other y-coordinate of the screen

OK, that explains why it is zero. However, how do i get the height?

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Jan2000, have you figured out how to get the height of the character yet?
Anybody has an answer to this? I need to do something similar and I need both width and height of the entire string that I am drawing because I need to be able to draw strings next to each other and also draw multiple lines of strings. How can I get the entire width of the string? The GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT structure only gives me the info for each character???

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!