changing the name of md2 files and replacing them


I am using C++ code to load md2 files to OpenGL. I have worked on a specific md2 file and worked properly.
Now I am trying to replace the model with another model. So I have got from the web few md2 files for different objects. I added the md2 files with their bmp texture to the C++ project in which I am using OpenGL. And replaced the name of the old md2 file with the name of the new md2 files I have found. But did not work!!.
The old md2 file was exported from Blender. When I built the project I selected building from existing items, these items included the old md2 file which is now working. BUT when I replaced the name of the file with newfile.md2 in the program for example in the expression:

//Load the model
loaded_model = MD2Model::load(“newfile.md2”);
if (loaded_model != NULL) {
cout<<" loading file successful"<<"
else {
cout<<” loading file failed"<<"

did not load the file !
even when I kept the old file and changed its name did not load.

any one has an idea about the reason? and how to load new md2 files with the same C++ loader?

Many thanks

This is not an OpenGL question.

Try tracing the code into the loader.

I’m locking this thread as off topic.