Changing resolution

Hi, I’m writing an application using OGL and I would like to know how to change the resolution in which the image is drawed. I also link the code that I’ve been using as a base for my application in which the resolution is specificied (I donnow where…).

Resolution can refer to several things.

Operating systems/windowing systems have calls to affect the display resolution, and to open windows fullscreen.

Windowing systems have calls to open windows of a specific resolution on the desktop.

OpenGL allows you to specify the resolution of the drawing area using the glViewport call, but this is typically limited to the window or desktop resolution.

I suspect therefore that you’re not looking for the OpenGL glViewport call, but rather that you’re interested in the windowing call related to either the fullscreen desktop resolution or the window size and that is not an OpenGL question.

well, if you go to lesson 05 in the same tutorial you are using, there is an example how to switch between fullscreen and windowed app. I hope, might be easy to apply it also for change of resolution, just see how it works and play with it.

actually, the principle is based on killing former window and building new one with new attributes.