changing from perspective to ortho back to perspective

i was wondering if there is a better way to write text to the screen on top of another 3d screen. what i have now is i change the projection matrix to ortho, after i initially draw the 3d scence in perspective, then draw all the text in ortho. then i switch back to the perspective. it seems to work great but i have a feeling in my mind that this is not the most efficient way of doing this. any input would be very much appreciated

Nope, that is how just about everyone does it. Now how to revert back to the perspective projection may differ from one app to another. But that’s a small detail and in the grand scheme, the cost of modifing the projection matrix twice per frame is insignificant.

thanks very much, i just wanted to make sure that changing the projection matrix does not cost alot and im glad to see this is the case