change sceen

I want to know how I do to change scene! for exampel if I make a demo then I play a simple cube ! then I want to end that scene and render a pyramid or somthing!

how do I do?


If you presse a key, you make another scene ?

There are 3 main ways to change scenes in a demo :

  1. using music synch
  2. using time synch
  3. using user interaction

1)the best way to do synch, I personally use teh Bass lib, you just need to put some “codes” in the music (bass can handle m03 and all tracker files), then bass will call a callback function every time it finds such codes in the music, you just have to hold a var like int SceneNum, and all it’s done.

2)just check the time in the main cycle and call the right scene using the time value for example
if (timer.GetTime() > 10)

3)of course this is simple, but in a demo nobody uses user interaction usually.