Change Bitmap font size problem !!

I write a program that will display a Bitmap font. The program allow user to change the text size. What I did was re-create a new Bitmap font with a new text size. The problem happen when I have 2 different opengl form that run in the same application. When I re-create a new Bitmap font for both Opengl form at the same time, all the Bitmap font disappear. Can anyone help me. Thanks.

This is most likely a bug, so we can’t help you without having a look at your code. Probably the best thing you can do is to debug it yourself.

Another thing is that you should not create fonts every time you need different size. You could just use multiple bitmaps - each time you need a font with size you haven’t used before, you add one bitmap to the list. If the list gets too long you can remove least recently used bitmaps.