CG on Mac?

Anyone figured out how to load CG shaders on Mac? NVidia claims to support mac but there is no cg lib equivalent for mac I can find… can you copy shaders compiled on windows to the mac (with equivalent profile support)?

AFAIK, you have to compile the shader to ARB_vertex_program/ARB_fragment_program code on a PC and just use that…

The NVidia Linux SDK pretty much works on Mac OS X though, and that does some Cg stuff, might be worth a shot.

Thanks, That sounds promising I will try loading PC compiled shaders. It never occured to me to try the Cg Linux, I’m still a bit hesitant… do you know anything about someone succesfully linking against a Linux Cg library on Mac (or linux library on OSX in general) (I have so much trouble with 3d party Mac shared libraries CFM versus Mach-O and libraries compiled with different versions of MetroWerks that even thinking about Linux on OSX seems, well, crazy) or do they provide the source so can you build Mach-O targets from the OS X command line? I’ll take and look and see, though if you know something more that could save me some time I’d be grateful.

I’ll post me findings when I’ve tried this

by “works on Mac OS X” I mean “compiles with make/GCC on the command-line as you would on Linux”. Mac OS X can’t run Linux binaries…

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