cg binding doesn't work for me


i can’t get the cg binds to actually switch programs. the weird part is that i manage to get uniforms from the program that i bind, but when rendering another program is used, look at what i do:

 bool CShaderVertexProgram_GL::Bind(CShaderUniforms* pShaderUniforms)

// here i deal with uniforms and autouniforms - not related (but anyway, i do get ACCESS to them!

	return true;


i do the same for fragment shader, and i do bind() for both just before doing the api render call (nothing is between them)

can anyone here give me a suggestion what am i doing wrong ? i’m stuck on this for 2 days now :frowning:

found the problem :slight_smile:

was realted to the argument posinv (position invariance) …