Well, I’m not sure if this should go in the advanced section or not, but I feel like I’m a beginner to opengl.

I’m trying to render an underwater scene, I currently have a terrain - using a heightmap, particles in the water - GL_POINTS, and a pipe with a leak and bubbles coming out of it.

It is written in C++ using MFC and I’m using Visual Studio .Net Environment. I’m hoping to implement Caustics, I found this on your website but can’t quite get my head around the code. I was wondering/hoping that somebody might help me with this, by explainig the code found on the website mentioned. Or if someone has done this already then could they let me know how.



Do you want to know how to generate the caustic-like texture, or do you want to know how to map the caustic-like texture on your objects ?

It’s alright at the minute as I posted this in the advanced section as well, and they are handling this as the website mentioned consists of this guy called dorbie and he’s helping me out.

Thanks anyway, but I was trying to texture map and then cycle through the textures.


That’s alright. I’ve seen the topic in the advanced forum the minute after I replied here !
Good luck, maybe we’ll meet in the adv forum.