Can't use hardware accelerated when to dib

I can Rendering on dib(use CreateDIBSection);
but found the opengl edition is ms 1.1!
if rendering on windows
is ati 1.3…can’t use hardware accelerated when to dib?

Originally posted by yjh1982:
can’t use hardware accelerated when to dib?

No. Instead render to a texture and download to system memory with glReadPixels/glGetTexImage and create the DIB from there.

Please see

if we can hardware ACCELERATED
on a DIB bitmap,we can write as photoshop program .
because we can draw to bitmap,the bitmap can as sized as we love;

but now,we only can write a vector program as corel draw

so I rather DIB accelerated.but now might not be executed

Its a very strange request… its better to get more memory on the graphicscard if you want bigger drawarea, o smarter programs that handles small pieces of the image at the time. HW acceleratin systemram sort of defeats its purposes atleast now… sending data up through a rather slow bus, and let that processor raserize back through the same ( and this way even slower) bus seems utterly strange. Render smaller bits at the time with some nice memorymanagement and alot of smaller textures will work much faster.

but you see,now we have to change the
screen color to true color ,have to make
the opengl ACCELERATED window exert itself to big …bitmap 10241024,your screen
is 1024
768,if you would like save as
bitmap(as *.bmp),you have to make you window
as screen,and have to draw twice!!

Just render to a pbuffer like it said in the thread.

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