Cant run example OpenGL programs because OpenGL.dll is missing

Could someone please direct me to the download of OpenGL libs etc. that will
work on Windows 7 ? I want to run simple examples, but it keeps telling me
OpenGL.dll is missing and I can’t find OpenGL software anywhere.

Where do I get the libs and headers so I can compile a simple Hello World style
program in OpenGL using C language ?


There is no OpenGL.dll; there is an opengl32.dll but you do not need to download it: it comes as part of the operating system on all versions of Windows from Windows NT 3.5 and Windows 95 OSR2 onwards. If opengl32.dll is missing from your computer it’s because something else has gone wrong.

You won’t find OpenGL software because OpenGL is not software. On a typical Windows PC you get OpenGL support by installing the device driver for your graphics card: that is all you need to do to run an OpenGL program.

To build OpenGL programs the answer depends on your development environment, so you need to talk a little about that before you can get an answer.