Can't play Quake3 with Multi-Mon

I can play only while my second display is disabled. I’m not about to sit here and disable/re-enable my card every time I want to play a game. Is there a way to fix this?

Primary: Radeon DDR 32MB AGP
Secondary: Trident 2MB PCI


The reason for this is that each card is using a different OpenGL driver. If you have them both enabled, your system can’t choose which one so it will probably default to software rendering. However, if the game requires hardware, then the game won’t work. The only solution I know of is to buy two cards that use the same driver. For example, a TNT2 PCI and a GeForce AGP. Even though these are two different cards, they use the same driver. I havn’t tried this combination to varify that it works but my guess is that it would work. Perhaps not since the game itself doesn’t do multimonitor it could be that the game itself doesn’t know which device to use.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure if that’s the case though. I had a Voodoo2 with the same Trident and everything worked fine.
Maybe there’s a way to disable just OpenGL for the Trident?