can't disable 2nd texture unit

i’m using multitexturing & vertex arrays…

at the beginning i associate vertex array, then texture coordinate 1st array, then texture coordinate 2nd array
doing like this:
glVertexPointer (3, GL_FLOAT, sizeof(point), vertexArray); glClientActiveTextureARB(GL_TEXTURE0_ARB);
glTexCoordPointer (2, GL_FLOAT, sizeof(texCoord), texCoords_1);
glTexCoordPointer (2, GL_FLOAT, sizeof(texCoord), texCoords_2);

then enable both texture units:

glActiveTextureARB ( GL_TEXTURE0_ARB );
glEnable ( GL_TEXTURE_2D);
glActiveTextureARB ( GL_TEXTURE1_ARB );
glEnable ( GL_TEXTURE_2D);

after this however in some cases i want ot use only 1 texture unit, but it crashes when trying to disable 2nd unit:
glActiveTextureARB ( GL_TEXTURE1_ARB );

need help!

You’re doing exactly the right thing there. Look for the bug elsewhere in your code.

but if you’re using deepmind’s XGL (formerly WholeGL), I think he documented that the ‘automatic transparent state management’ can lead to crashes due to an as of yet unknown bug. If you use that library, that’s where it might come from. Disable that ‘state management’ for now.

thx but i’m not using library you mention…
maybe that happens because i’m enabling/disabling glClient modes every frame and every frame associating arrays (vertex & texture coords) - before, when i didn’t use vertex arrays, only enabling/disabling units for multitexturing i wanted to, it workd fine & my problems started with adding vertex arrays…
ok. have to have a look in my code