can't compile

Using Visual C++6.0. Created project and addded OpenGL32.lib, GLu32.lib and GLaux32.lib to Object/Library Modules. Downloaded GLUT files in a folder. No GLUT files are in INCLUDE\GL, SYSTEM32 or LIBRARY directories they exist only in the download folder via C:\unzipped\folder. Source file has #include <gl\glut.h>. Will glut.h be accessed although it is not in INCLUDE\GL directory else what could be preventing compile?

Unlikely - the compiler wouldn’t know where to look for it.

But more helpful would be an error message…?

Thanks for helping. No error message, only get statement ‘filters for class selected in WizardBar’ followed by ‘Ready’ on STATUS bar. Otherwise nothing happens. No message of errors and warnings at bottom of screen. How can I get the GLUT files (glut32.dll, glut32.lib, glut.h)in INCLUDE\GL, SYSTEM, and LIBRARY directories?

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I have a link on my website to the Microsoft version of GLUT website.

Go there and download the glut for windows zip file and extract the files and put them in the correct directory.

I copied glut.h to the INCLUDE\GT directory, glut32.dll to the SYSTEMS32 directory, and glut.lib to the LIBRARY directory. LIBRARY directory also has GLAUX. The problem still exists. Downloaded OPENGL programs have the same difficulty. When I try to compile these programs using Borland C++ compiler I get the error ‘unable to open include file GL\GLUT.H’ as the first error.

Thanks for your help. The compile result window was covered by the application window. Had to click bottom pane of application window and drag it up.

Note: You should not include GL\GLUT.H, it should be:

#include <GL/glut.h>

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Thanks for the correction.