can you really render 10+ tri's a second on a gf3?

OK sorry for the newbie question but I’m trying to render around 5 million triangles a second, non lit. coloring the vertices and displaying with glShadeModel(GL_Smooth). i’m using a display list with the GL_COMPILE flag, then when i’m actually drawing, I call the glCallList func. anyhow, its displaying right but i’m only getting around 2.3 fps. if NVidia is claiming my geforce 3 can render around 30 million triangles a second, then how can i actually do that? many thanks in advanced

edit: er title should say 10 million not just 10

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check the nvidia site for a performance faq.

glEnable( GL_CULL_FACE )
does framerate improve

btw i hope theres not 1million+ tris in one display list.

your GF3 may be capable of many millions of polys per second, but can your CPU deliver as many vertices*3 per second? a good gfx board does not guarantee fantastic framerates, you also need a fast processor