Can you help me?

Hi. I have just started learning OpenGl and I have a small request. Can somebody recommend me some accessible manuals, faqs and so one. I’m looking for something that explains everything from the beginning, even the simplest things.

The online OpenGL programming Guide or" Red Book" :

It’s online companion " The OpenGl Reference Manual " or" Blue Book" :…r/OpenGL_RM/TOC

The PDF downloadable version of the OpenGL Super Bible ( It’s out there somewhere, you need to ggogle for it)

A begginers OpenGL 3D First Person Engine( Very Easy):
[…37a3085494bad57](http:// <a href=)" target="_blank">…37a3085494bad57</a>

Yep, the redbook is a classic.
Also try NeHe
it’s a classic resource with lots of tutorials.