Can we set up a window driver, on a virtual machine?

Hi, I’ve installed windows on a virtual machine with virtual box, but, the opengl version is 1.1.

So I’m just wondering if we can set up an opengl driver in a virtual machine. (My driver is MESA and support opengl 3.3 on the host machine but I want to install a driver supporting at least opengl4.2 on a windows virtual machine. (without having to have to reboot to swith the OS))

How exactly could a virtual machine offer access to capabilities that the host machine does not? Virtual machines can only play with what the host provides.

I would suspect that the Mesa driver only supports GL3.3 but the OP’s hardware is actually capable of GL 4.x, hence asking if a Windows VM would be able to access that capability. I’ve no experience with hardware virtualization of GPUs (my VM experience is more in the enterprise area) but if the OP could confirm if my suspicion is actually the case, it would hugely assist others in providing the answer.

Here’s an AskUbuntu question about virtualization and GPUs. It’s not the answer you probably want.

Ok it seems that the only solution is to boot on windows. :confused:

Getting GPU great performance under linux is something difficult. :confused:

I’ve tried everything :

-vmware but it doesn’t work very well as explained on this link (many bugs)
-installing ATI priority drivers on ubuntu but I get back screen at logon.

I guess I have to wait until the version 4.5 of mesa is released.

I don’t think I can make a better driver than the mesa, I don’t have this experience, my experience goes most of all in high level programming.

But, I’m always ok to learn if I can find good resources and documentation about it.

[QUOTE=Lolilolight;1265292]Ok it seems that the only solution is to boot on windows. :confused:

Getting GPU great performance under linux is something difficult. :/[/QUOTE]
If you have an NVidia GPU, it’s actually easier to get great stability and performance on Linux. With ATI, it’s more hit and miss in my experience.

What ATI GPU do you have? Doubtless folks here could give you some tips.

If you’re talking VMs, you’re not truly serious about performance. If you want the best performance, don’t run in a VM.

What ATI GPU do you have?

ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 graphics 512 MB.

My experience is also missing for running modern opengl (4.5) on linux system, on my old window system, I was able to use opengl 4.1.

But now my bios doesn’t want to boot from a cd anymore and windows 7 is too big for my USB key.

The only opengl version which is running well on my PC is 1.4, 3.3 is supported by mesa but glsl doesn’t work as expected, the proprietary drivers from the amd website and from the repository doesn’t work too. (I have no logon screen)

Ouch. Hopefully an ATI user here can chime in and help you out with running ATI proprietary drivers. If you want the latest OpenGL support with hardware accelleration, that’s your best bet.

Really ?!!! who ?

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