Can someone tell me how I can find a C++ skeletal mesh loader that I don't have to build for Windows OpenGL

Please don’t tell me to go to Github I already know that and I’m tired of investigating source code for things I can’t use.

You want a library you don’t have to build? Do you want a pre-compiled binary?

Yes. I hate building things they always fail.

No they don’t and clearly you spend 0 time investigating.

The best library you can use for this is assimp. Its open source, has a clean interface and works anywhere. If you don’t want to build it yourself you can download it from vcpkg. If even this is too much work for you then I can only wish you all the best.

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I wrote this, probably not helpful to most, I have actually used it. It takes the skeletal mesh from blender and dumps it as a mesh with the skeletal deformations. Note sure if it would help. You will have to parse the output into your code…no OpenGL required

GitHub - vicktar/Blythonexport: A python script to export 3DRT blender rigged animations

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The LearnOpenGL tutorial has a very good explaination on building libraries, it helped me get started.

It includes instructions to build ASSIMP