can somebody help me

If someone can help me, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I just got quake 3:Arena, (I know it’s an old game, but i love quake!)but everytime I try to play multiplayer, after about 5 minutes or less, the game freezes up. Sometimes it displays a message saying “There is an error with opengl.dll” or something like that. I use a geforce 2 mx 400. I have heard someone say that it has something to do with nvidia not supporting opengl, but i dont know. Can someone help me???

One question first, how large is your “opengl.dll” file?

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NVidia supports OpenGL just fine.The problem can be that you’ve mixed different drivers,that the OpenGL.dll(the heart of the OpenGL) is corrupted and etc.Try deleting all of the drivers or just reinstall the newest drivers that are avaidable on the NVidia site!!!

I you’ve made the mistake to insall the OpenGL drivers that come with Q3 than you WILL HAVE to replace them with newer since they are quite old!

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The same thing is in power for Doom and Wolfenstein