Can OpenGL render directly to a Bitmap in Win32?

The topic is pretty self explaining.
I’m just searching for a function or a way to render directly to a Bitmap or a BYTE array, e.g. BYTE[width * height * bpp];

At the moment I’m just rendering everything and read the pixels form the frame buffer, but I think there is a better way.

Michael Menne

Short answer : No, it can’t.
There is also no way to directly access the
backbuffer. You can blit the frontbuffer via
BitBlt into your BMP-DC or can with the help
of glReadPixels read the back/frontbuffer in
all standard GL implementations. If you use
BitBlt there’s the problem, that if there’s
a window in front of your GL-DC, that the
area overlapping yours would be blitted into
the BMP as well, so the only “clean” way to
do is using glReadPixels…unfortunately this
is the slowest way as well.



I read an article on about using a p(ixel) buffer for offscreen rendering. There is also a sample in their ogl SDK.

Also in the OpenGL SUperBible second edition is an example for offscreen rendering to a bitmap.

When you crate your Opengl RC you use a PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR struct there you can specify a PFD_DRAW_BITMAP flag. according with a properly offscreen HDC you could do what you want.
to get details look at the sources above and/or the win32sdk help


Yes you can. It works the way ScottManDeath wrote. Just two notes:

  • The first solution will not work on every card.
  • The second solution will work on every card, but it will not be hardware accelerated! This means it will be slow and the card specific extensions will not work.


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