Can I use dual head 3d card to do opengl


I want to use two screen to make a wider screen, 2048x768. So i wonder to know if i can use a dual head 3d card to get it.

I think if opengl allow rendering a 2048x768 image one time with hardware acceleration, and export it to to head separtely. If render twice, lower performance.

Thanks for advice

Hi hedgehog,

I develop dual screen windowed GL apps on a Matrox G450 dual head card in 2560x1024 and it seems to run ok. I haven’t tried doing a ‘full-screen’ mode of this yet though. I’m not sure how a full-screen mode would work with 3D acceleration. For example, when I play a game like Quake III it displays only on a single monitor and video files only play on the left (display 0) monitor. If the app they are being played in is dragged across the middle of the two monitors it is only displayed in the left portion. Obviously this could be a card specific thing though.

Hope this helps

If you have a Parhelia or GF4 you get back a single frame buffer across two monitors. Just set a 2048x768 video mode and you’re done!