Can i setup opengl on vscode?

hello there … ive been using vscode for a while to learn cpp and i like it its light its good and other good things … anyway ive been thinking to learn opengl but on the internet most people say that opengl only works with vstudio which for me is a heavy software to install i just want to learn basics i dont want to use a heavy IDE like vstudio

can someone please tell me if im able to set it up on vscode or maybe direct me to a guide
or help me set it up ?

thanks for your time !

This article seems to explain it well. I don’t know why OpenGL would only work with visual studio, seems like some people forget how their programs are actually built/run when they click run.

OpenGL does not care which IDE you use to develop your code. You will need to use a compilation toolchain (compiler, linker, etc) that can interface with native system libraries.
I’d say for many developers the “default” way of achieving this is to simply use the Visual Studio provided toolchain and many tutorial authors will just go with that (and not additionally explain how to set up an alternate IDE) so that they can get to the parts they actually wanted to write about (OpenGL stuff).