Can I debug with gdb using QT Creator and bumblebee

I have lots of issue figuring out how to use bumblebee or primusrun and debugging with QT Creator.
I can make the applications run with nvidia gpu using a script but i can not figure out how to make GDB work with it. I need to have break points and see variables states.

It is just too hard to debug without GDB.

If anyone has an idea how to fix this it would same a a lot of time.

I am using fedora 22 now and bumblebee drivers from fedora

I’ve tried myself, and can’t get it to work either. I can get QtCreator to start my program using optirun, but trying to start it with the debugger (F5) gives errors saying it’s not a debug build. I can almost get it working by launching the program externally, then attaching the debugger to a running program. It will break in main() on the exec() call to Qt. But I can’t set any breakpoints in my code.

If I need to debug NVIDIA-specific stuff, I just run it on my other computer with a dedicated NVIDIA card, instead of trying to debug it on my laptop. Otherwise, I use Intel on my laptop when debugging.

You could always go old school and add lots of printf’s to your code. :slight_smile: