Can gpu render target be some vertex buffer like vbo?

These days ,I am writing a point-based render,there are 3 pass for one render.and the 2 pass share some same caculating process, I want to know if I can save the interim result like vertex buffer object not texture, is it possible in current hardware, if can ,how to do? Thanks in advance

I guess you can but beeing more precise could help a lot avoiding just guesses.

I think what you’re looking for is Pixel Buffer Objects.

NO,recently I read some material about GPU memory model and know superbuffer is what I need and ATI graphics cards support this ARB extension.superbuffer can be writen in fragment program and read in vertex fragment.But someone have pointed out superbuffer has be tested unreliable and the speed is 10 times slow compared with the pbuffer or vertex buffer object.That’s what I have found till now.can anyone have other thought?

Develop more, I still not understand what are your goals.