Can anyone help?


I am doing a project at the moment using OpenGL with Glut which uses a Video targetting prog written in pure windows code.

I need to include the Video Targetting app in with my 3D source to use coordinates from it that will be passed into OpenGl to manupulate scene data.

Can anyone here perhaps offer tips on how to include the source from the Windows app into my Glut Prog? The Glut prog has been sorted so it is no longer a console application(subsystem windows) which would probably help compatibility. I’m using VC++6.0 - but have never included seperate code like this into another app before - and I’m a bit confused as to Gluts control over things as they both compile as seperate progs in their own right atm…

I know this is perhaps a bit vague, but it would be great if anyone of you maestros could give any hints on how to set things up.



Sorry there’s no easy way to do that. You’ll have to exam the app source and then see which part of the code you actually need. Then you’ll have to determinate how to fit that piece of code in a regular GLUP app :wink:

The windows app source may have at three parts :

  • the user interface part (inputs/output)
  • the app core part
  • the intermediate layer between UI/core part

It should be easy to separate them in order to use the core app directly. Then you’ll have to adapt the two other parts.

Hope it will help.
Btw, what a “Video targeting prog” does ??

Hmmm ok thanks anyway - I Guess I’ll just have to wade in to the source code

Video targeting is using a computer to track people/objects that move infront of a video camera in realtime - done by comparing the video data to a reference frame that you keep in memory.

Anyway Thanks again,


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