Can anyone get fogging to work on the ATI Rage Pro?

Here’s my program running under the latest Rage Pro drivers.

And here’s the same program running under SGI’s software version (though why the textures don’t appear on the terrain is anyone’s guess…).

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Actually, it seems I may have messed up the texture mapping code on the terrain which is causing the fogging problem.

I fixed the texture mapping problem. I used GL_CLAMP instead of GL_REPEAT. This happens to be another thing ATI have got wrong.

However, I’m still getting no fogging.

The thing is, it works if the fog colour is black but the fogging doesn’t work when you use lighter colours for the fog colour!!!

I think maybe the drivers are interpolating the colours across the texture wrongly.

Either that or I’ve made a mistake setting up the fogging code or the texture internal format?

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