How do people modify the camear (model view matrix) for 6dof engines? I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I have tried a few things, and and none of them allow for steady rotation speeds. Anyway, thanks in advance.

THIS may sound like a silly question, but what’s a 6dof engine?


3 directions to move ( x, y, z )
3 directions to rotate ( x, y, z )
0 directions to scale ( x, y, z )

possibly up to 9 often used 6 or 5…

Come on, I know someone on this forum must have a sugestion for how to rotate the camera (model view) evenly

one possible way is with quaternions. see my site(profile) nv_fog_distance extension . this doesnt move the camera but instead it moves a model but its basically the same deal

Well, I use very interesting way in my game. I have very complex geometry engine with very little of programming. But first, a little history…
In 1999 (or even in 1998, not matter) I began to write 3D real-time strategy game using Direct3D retained mode interface. I was learning in 10’s grade, so I knew not much about linear algbebra wich includes 3d transformations used in any of the 3d apps. D3DRM was simple and nice. Later, I learned much about 3d transformation and found that D3DRM isn’t very nice for me. D3DIM IMHO is too odd to program with, but OpenGL looks simple, nice and flexble. So I rewrite my game engine in OpenGL. In portions…
!BUT! I left D3DRM geometrical interfaces, such as IDirect3DRMFrame3, intact. I found out that using these intefaces do not require initialization of drawing interfaces. I use them to work with integral objects in 3d world using their simple methods, and on rendering phase I just extract transformation matrices and use them in OpenGL. Everything works fine, simple and complex!
My project isn’t opensource, however latest version can be downloaded on my site . Unfortunately, site is in russian, however, game may be found and downloaded easily.

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