Camera movement?

I’m trying to give the user the ability to move the camera from the keyboard. I want to be able to move forwards backwards, spin 360 degrees and such. The forward and backward I want to have it move where the camera is looking. I’m using glLookAt but not sure what to do.


You shuld look for some tutorials. Try

Just update gluLookAt() in every call to display, and store you eye and lookingAt coord’s in variables - then just change the variables from the key listener?

yea I know that bit will. But I can’t just change the values of one axis. If I change them, the camera slows down as it becomes more parallel with that axis. That I can do already without an issue

What do you mean slows down? And are you incrimenting the co-ordinate you are looking AT aswell as your eye position, if not thats what you want to do.

Oh sorry just re read your question,
It took me most of last weekend to work out how to move where the mosue was, and it still didnt work, so i cant help you with that. ALl i can say is i used lots of trig and circle geometry to calculate the coords of where i wanted to be looking.