Camera motion problem.. Help please.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a smooth camera motion with acceleration? if so would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction please? I have a camera that is using gluLookAt but when moving with the keyboard it appears blocky!

Should perhaps have said im using VC++ 6… Thanks…

Easy if you think of it physically :

Define position, speed and time as globals.

Key events :
when key X is down, swith a flag on.
when key X is down, swith the flag off.

Main render loop:
acceleration =0
new_time = getTime();
delta_time = new_time - time;
time = new_time;
. if (flag) then acceleration =1 //or whatever
. speed = speed + acceleration * delta_time
. if (speed > 10) then speed =10
. position = position + speed * delta_time
end loop;

And if you want to stop gradually after releasing the key, just add a small friction force.
All of this is not really GL related, more general programming you know.

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Thanks for your response, i will be sure to try it in the morning and will let post back if i encounter any problems… Once again, thanks…