Camera FirstPerson Vector

Here is a short presentation of my class.

class CCamFirstPerson
protected :
CVector m_Right,
public :
// constructor, destructor…

      // Rotate cam around X axis
      void RotationX( float Angle )


      // Rotate cam around Y axis
      void RotationY( float Angle )



Here is my problem, I’m unable to well apply the rotation on each vector to get a right FirstPerson camera. When I look down and I rotate left/right, the camera doesn’t keep the view vector on (0.0, 0.0, 1.0), so it’s make an effect like a 6DOF camera.

So to try another thing, I decided to work without my vector. Just take the Angle and set up a matrix with it. The inconveniant of that : I can get the vector inside the final matrix, but they will not be updated into the rotation function… So not very practical…

Ex :

void RotationX( float Angle )
  m_Pitch += m_Pitch - Angle;

void UpdateCam()
  // Create rotation matrix
  CMatrix MatRotY;
  CMatrix MatRotX;

  CMatrix MatRot = MatRotY * MatRotX;     
  // Create Translation Matrix
  CMatrix MatTrans;
  MatTrans.CreateTranslation( -m_Pos.X, -m_Pos.Y, -m_Pos.Z );
  // Create the final matrix
  CMatrix MatCam = MatRot * MatTrans;
  // Update de modelview matrix
  glMatrixMode( GL_MODELVIEW );
  glLoadMatrixf( &MatCam );

This method works well but I don’t want to use it and you know why… I want to apply the rotation directly on the vector, into the rotation function. Anyone could help me ?

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