Calling openGL functions in Dialogbased application (vc++)

Hi, I am new to OpenGL. I have one Dialog based application with few button controls created using VC++. Each buttion is named with the item to be executed in OpenGL. For example (Earth&moon)button should use OpenGL to show Earth and moon demo. How can I do it? Which function should I call and where (in my dialog based application)should I call it. What files should I include in my application and where should I do it?
Can any one help me. Thanks.

I’ll assume you want the quick and dirty way to fire off an OGL context, as that you are using a dialog box generated from the VC++ wizards.

<begin hack job>
Create a button. On button down, do this:
or whatever the name of the OGL app is.
Repeat for each button.
</end hack job>

Of course, if you want to butcher C++, why not do it all in VB? (It’s the same process as above.)

Disclaimer: Glossifah does not endorse this or any other hack job for Getting The Job Done Right. He would like to assure the readers that this was something someone told him was possible once, and he has never had the need to code with such blatant disregard for The Rules.