Calculating Slope

How does one calculate slope of a 3D curve ?



your going to need to use calculus :cool: to find the gradient function of the curve by taking it to it’s limit (then cancelling), i’m currently learning this at the mo and found this solution in diferential calculus, if you post the formula, i’ll try and solve it (it’ll be good practice)
allthough i dont know if 3d curves work the same as 2d ones. :eek:

hope this helps


Hi ! Thanks for the help.

Will try to solve it… ( will definitely get back to you IF i can’t solve it. )



Pick two points on either side of the point you want to compute for and evaluate the curve, the difference between the results is the slope, usually as (dy/dx). This is an approximation and the accuracy depends on your precision, the sample spacing and the second order derivative.