Hello guys,

Does anyone know, a free CAD/CAM source code?

Or may be a free source code, of an IGES reader/generator ?

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Check out Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL) at

and do a search on CAD or CAM. You’ll get
a number of hits. I got three hits when
searching for IGES. Hope this helps.

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You may want to check these guys out.

They have miltiple libs of CAD code. They support multiple platforms as well. You can d/l the entire source. It contains IGES import/export routines. I think it contains STEP routines as well, if Im not mistaken.

But be warned, this is a TON of code. And alot of the source comments are French.

Its some pretty slick code. I built a few apps using the supplied CASCADE AppWizards. When you perform an action within the IDE, the source used to perform that action is pasted to a dlg so you can see whats happening under the hood.