C++ vs. VC++

I have finished studying C++. I wanted to know would it really be beneficial to me to study VC++ also to make video games.

Am I ready to move on to studying OpenGL without VC++? Is there anything else I need to know?

There is not really much to study that is VC++ spicific. If you mean MCF and stuff like that you can probly pick that up as you need it, or you can uea a crosplatform API like SDL to do that window manigment stuff. I would start on OpenGL now.

All in all VC is realy just another compiler, MFC is worthwhile to know, but you can always also use Borland’s VCL with Borland C Builder, for the most part all of these things are for avioding win32 code.

visual c++ is a program, not a programing language. so you cant compare them (apples to oranges)

To program in OpenGL you don’t need the visual facilities of Vc++ or VCL.
They are useful if you want to do something like a modeller (like 3d studio) where you need buttons, etc… but for a game or demo you don’t need them at all.
So start with openGL.