C# OpenGL Framework for .NET 2.0

C# OpenGL Framework is a interactive 3D graphics application entirely written in C# (no unsafe code, no external assemblies or dlls). It features all the common 3D graphics commands found in commercial products.

Why should I be interested in C# OpenGL Framework?

If you dream to develop your own 3D Graphics application, such as CAD/CAM/CAE, Entertainment, Medical Imaging, Virtual Reality, etc. and don’t want to loose time with zoom/pan/rotate, selection, shadows, etc. you need C# OpenGL Framework. With C# OpenGL Framework you start from a source code that already implements all those basic features.

Are C# language and OpenGL a good combination?

C# is the most straightforward programming language ever invented, while OpenGL is the most powerful graphics library. Why keep them apart?

What IDE should I use to start working on C# OpenGL Framework?

C# OpenGL Framework is developed and maintained using Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition that can be download for free. The source code is delivered as a zipped Microsoft Visual Studio solution.

Give it a try! http://www.devdept.com/code/oglf/

To call C# “the most straightforward programming language ever invented” sounds a bit hairy…

Good job, I’ve submitted this for publication on the front page, please place an OpenGL logo linking to OpenGL.org on your site.


You need to explain the license on your site. e.g. can someone use this royalty free for their own application, what can they do with their code. Presumably they can’t go OpenSource because they’d be giving your product away with their development tree, OR is this a per project license with unrestricted use?

Also you list 42,00 Euro for the pro version, is the comma a decimal point? i.e. is it 42 Euro? The way the price is listed it is a bit ambiguous.

Thanks a lot Dorbie,

I will do all of what you suggested.

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Where can I find the gif/jpg url of the OpenGL logo?