c++ open gl linker problem


hi, im sry to annoy any one who wants to reply to me with a linking error but ive spent 2 days tring to fix it and failed.
im using c++ builder 6 open gl. its ment to hav terrain with a bitmap image ( ment to be ocean floor) and a yellow pologon moving around in front of it (ment to be a submarine lol), although at the moment im just tring to load in a bmp onto a square.
the error is:

[linker error] unresolved external ‘auxDIBimageloadA’ referenced from C:\UNI STUFF\PROGRAMMING DOCS\C++PROJECT\GRAPHS01.OBJ

it also sumtimes comes up with an error about c0w.32x but i coulnt get it back up so i cant write exactly what it said.
Its sumhow not loading the bmp and instead creating stupid files called graphs01.obj
could u help me plz
yours faithfully Dominic Sludden

ps i could send the prograsmm as an attachment if u want but ill understand if u cant be bothered.

Hello there,
I think the linker is unable to find the aux library from which you are calling the function see if you are linking the library in the linker options for your compiler.
If you are using auxilary library function, be certain to link glaux.lib. see if this sorts your problem out.

aux lib seems deprecated and quite recent threads treated of how to load bitmap files. Make a search whether on this forum or google a library that loads bmp.