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Hi all… I used to develop on a not so legal copy of MSVC++ V5.0 which I really liked. This was lost during a forced format but anyway I was far to busy this last year at uni to do any GL dev work. But now I really need to get back in and start developing but I need a c++ developer/editor/compiler/ide etc.

What do you use and prefer or reccomend?

There used to be student deals on MSVC++ but I can’t find any details, what happened? See I am too broke to be able to pay full price for such software so is there anyway I can get it free or at reduced cost for non-commercial student use?

Any infor much appreciated!


take a look on microsoft.com and search after “evalutaion versions” or “student version” - i’m absolutely sure (that means 99,9% ) that you will find there any helpful information for you !

Or try out gcc++ - you can even code with UltraEdit (several plug-ins for syntax-lighting) and lots of other tools. ( i have met people working on WinTel-System with the notepad.exe and gcc as compiler !!)

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Hm often universities have some special offers or similar things(MSDN stuff). I’d definetely check it. I can get almost any MS program(except office) for free (with educational license) through my university.


Or try out gcc++ - you can even code with UltraEdit (several plug-ins for syntax-lighting) and lots of other tools. ( i have met people working on WinTel-System with the notepad.exe and gcc as compiler !!)

Thanks, I will look into that. I knew free complilers were an option but I had a feeling they wouldn’t be so well supported. I’ll check out the ms site.

Lev: I thought my Uni did but I have asked around and noone seems to know. I have looked on the website and you can get some ms software at reduced cost but not all. Will have to check more closely before I purchase anything!


You might want to look into Dev-C++ at http://sourceforge.net/projects/dev-cpp/ , which is “Dev-C++ is an full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Win32 and Linux. It uses GCC, Mingw or Cygwin as compiler and libraries set.” I haven’t used it, butt it looks really promising (and free).

I looked briefly at Dev-C++ a while back and TBH it wasn’t remotely usable for anything but the smallest toy projects. May have improved since then, of course.

Personally I use the UltraEdit/mingw combo at home these days and am generally happy with it. I haven’t gotten gdb (the GNU debugger) to work stably, but don’t really miss it. The Borland 5.5 command-line compiler is also free, though I don’t know whether they supply a make tool.

I may splash out for VC7.1 when it’s released this Autumn, since it looks as if it will finally compile something resembling standard C++. Very annoyed though that MS no longer sell VC++ separately (apart from the useless debug-build-only “Standard” edition) - if you want it, you now have to pay through the nose for the whole of Visual Studio, including ASP.NET, VB.NET and a truckload of other junk you have zero use for. Product tying? What product tying? Gee, you’d almost think they were an abusive monopoly…


Some books come with trial versions of vc++
I have received 3 er 4 copies from different books over the years. The compiler has full capibilities except it places a prompt that it is an intro edition every time you run a program you compile. This would be the least costly was to get back in to things. the last one I think I got was in the book tricks of windows game prgramming gurus v2. it’s a DX book but has some good info with the compiler you need. Some book stores i have found to have better pricing than software stores when it came to vc++ packages.

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Download grokster from:- http://www.grokster.com

Search for “visual c++”.
Download version 6.
I assume the product id for it is:-
010 00000000

as it has been for years.

(you ain’t seen me, right?)

Thnaks guys I will look into all those suggestions. I eventually found my unis MS software deals- would have to pay £60 sterling for the whole .NET studio. Not bad but still a litle bit outside my reach and I don’t need anything apart from VC++.

VC7.1 - Is there anything extra special about this worth me waiting for it? What version of VC++ are we at now, 6.0?


7 is .net